We would like to say a big thank you for all of your work and input and for lining up a great selection of local artists and bands.
Judith Priest, Senior Communities Officer - Aylesbury Town Council

It is an absolutely fantastic event, brilliantly organised and we loved being part of it!
Neil (Vandavils)

Thank you so much Stu, and congratulations on such an amazing event!
Alex (Callow Saints)

Great event on Saturday - well done to you and we all enjoyed it loads and loads!
Jamie Felton

We had a great time! Thought the whole process from arriving until after we performed was very easy, was a great festival!
Charlie (Flintlock Rifles)

Thanks from us, once more you organised an Amazing event, so professional, well run, fantastic sound guys, amazing stage, everything thought of with load in and load out and just a lovely detail to provide a back stage loo and trolley! You’re a great guy Stu and it has been my absolute pleasure to work with you over the years...
Dan (NBS)

Fab day from 12 till the very very end. Thank you for a great event x
Sherrilyn Jones

It was a first time for me and I was amazed that we have such a great event on for free!
Helen Lewis


Thank you so much for all of the time and hard work that you put into co-ordinating the bands for this year's Live in the Park – the line-up was great and our visitors enjoyed the variety of original music on offer – thank you.
Ruth Mayhew
Events and Communications Officer, Aylesbury Town Council

A very brief thank you to Aylesbury Town Council and in particular to Ruth Mayhew , Stuart Robb and their teams for organising a terrific Live In The Park festival in Aylesbury and to Dez Kay for compering, as usual, with such panache. Brilliant line up of bands and excellent sound and lighting crew. You were all totally professional and contributed massively to the enormous, and I mean enormous crowd's enjoyment.
Mart (Skamungas)

Hey Stu, that worked really well. Thanks for your support mate, without you that wouldn’t have happened ... I just watched the finale on FBL Live, epic!! You nailed it mate (we did ok too :) )
Rob Oakley (Bustin' Loose/Skamungas)

Thanks again for the gig at the weekend. It was awesome! And thank you Stu!!! For involving us. We flippin’ loved it! One of our best gigs ever. Even without a couple of our team!
Nikki Loy

We had a great time, thanks for having us. It was a really well-organised event and the sound was awesome! One of our favourite gigs.
Dave (SinFiction)

We had a great time!!! Thank you very much, it was a real honour to play at Live in the Park in my home town!
Lawrence (The White Tips)

Casey and the band thoroughly enjoyed performing. The crowd from what I heard were both supportive and responsive. The day was a great success.
Tyron (Casey Leigh)

Hi Stuart! Thank you so much for letting me be part of such an amazing day! What an event!!! It was so much fun and totally incredible!
Ruby Lewis (Callow Saints)

Hi Stu. We all had a great time from the moment we rocked up. The organisation was great, the sound was great, the stage management was great and so were the crowd. It's nice to play a proper set up that looks after the bands. A good day was had by all. Take care bro.
Dan C - (Inlak'esh)

Thanks for sorting that out for us, we had an amazing time.
Paul Adams (A Little Bit Country)

Hi Stuart, Thank you so much for having us! We had a great time playing and the event was amazing!!! The crowd and event were fantastic and it is something that we would definitely love to be involved with next year of the opportunity was there! A huge thanks to everyone involved, we do appreciate how much work goes on behind the scenes putting on an event like this! Love from us all x
Damian (Serenade The Stars)


A massive THANK YOU once again to EVERYONE who performed, volunteered, worked, partied, sang, danced and supported #LiveInThePark - you were all FANTASTIC!!! - See you next year!
Stuart Robb

Wow! What an amazing event! We've done events like this in the past, but you guys took it to another level! Thank you so much for having nbs on the line up, we had so much fun playing for you guys and needless to say, we'd be delighted to play again next year! Thanks so much for having us!
Dan Turner - NBS

An amazing weekend indeed!
We had such a brilliant time, and I know I keep saying it but thank you once again for having us. It's a really great feeling playing in front of that many people and hearing such kind words from all of them afterwards.
Alex Chadwick - Callow Saints

Thank you so much Stuart Robb! I had an amazing time! What a fantastic atmosphere!
Ruby Lewis - Callow Saints

Hi Stuart, a massive thanks to you and all the team for a great show, we as the Nightshades had a BLAST!!! Well organised and great friendly people to work with, plus the weather was good to us too. Lots of positive comments all round regarding the show
Grahame Larkins - The Nightshades

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being a part of Live in the Park 2017…
What a successful event and what an amazing response its had!
Everyone involved worked so hard and it was such a wonderful weekend.
Lauren James Ray

Was a pleasure to be back and part of this brilliant event - A BIG thanks to you buddy. We had an amazing day!
Paul Adams - A Little Bit Country

Aylesbury, what can we say? You were awesome!
Live in the Park was so well organised by the team from Aylesbury Town Council. Huge stage, brilliant sound and 2,500 people to play to in glorious sunshine. Thanks so much to Stuart Robb for asking us to play. Eton Rivals can't thank you enough. The guys were so very impressed by the whole day. The welcome we received from the team and the crowd reaction really made our day.
Andy Rotherham - Eton Rivals

We all had a great day, free rides is excellent for the kids. Well done to all who organised. Looking forward to next year. Well done Stuart Robb.
Louisa Pearson

Another triumph! Nice to see so many people too!
Matt Manning

Everyone knocks OUR town. But when they put on a free of charge event like today I think people should think how lucky we are. No trouble that I saw, and everyone enjoying themselves. A great family friendly event. Thank you to all the organisers, musicians, helpers, for making it a great day of entertainment.
Dionne Wakely

Thanks for adding me to the line-up Stuart. I had a great day.
Michael Lee

Thank you for asking Big Band Swing to be part of this great event. We all really enjoyed it and hope the set was received well. And a big thanks as you say to all involved in making it happen.
Lee Buckingham - Big Band Swing

An excellent time was had by all! Well done.
Robin Symons

Another great afternoon in the park. Bring on 2018.
Peter Brockwell

Had a superb time Stuart, can't thank you enough for having me on the stage! Hope you had as much fun as we did!
Graham Iddon - Raving Wild

Awesome day. Thanks for organising the event Stuart and your team.
Sherrilyn Jones

Was a Fab day! Thanks to all involved!
Lynn Saunders

Was a brilliant day!
Michelle Webb

Fantastic day & evening. Well done Aylesbury Town Council! Michelle Skeet Was an amazing event. Thank you to all who planned this weekend. A group of us where there Saturday afternoon till it ended. The Bon Jovi Experience was brilliant and blew the night away. Roll on next year, we will be there!
Toni Stillaway

Brilliant event. Very well organised and great atmosphere. Free too, which is rare. Thanks to all involved. Well done!!!!
Nuala Potter

Had a great time today! Want to say a big thank you to Aylesbury Town Council, and everyone who organised the event. Great atmosphere, well done. See you next year!
Liam Thomas Jones


Skasouls UK
"The best gig we've ever done". That quote from our guitarist, John Woods, sums up the feelings of every member of Skasouls UK about Live In The Park, 2016. The organisation right from our invite to play, to the event itself has been outstanding. Artists were looked after brilliantly and every one of the council's team on site was helpful, courteous and, above all, looked as though they were having as good a time as the crowd. Attendance was brilliant with a packed audience going all the way to the sound engineers' tent and beyond, and that despite some dodgy looking weather, all singing along and dancing like their lives depended on it. Well done to all involved, performers, Ruth Mayhew and her team and to Stu Robb for organising a roster of brilliant musicians. Bring on next year's LITP.

The Dung Beatles
Thanks and congratulations to Stuart and Ruth (and team) for another excellent and well attended gig. Aylesbury is really lucky to have this great free entertainment on such a scale. We really enjoyed ourselves, and many thanks once again for inviting us to perform!

The Ukes of Hazzard
It was a pleasure for the Ukes of Hazzard to be involved in the Parklife Weekend 2016 - the organisational team were brilliant, the audiences were wonderful, and we’d love to be involved again in the future! Thank you, and long may it continue!

Carey Burden
Bloody brilliant Stu - shame it didn't go on a little longer!
Well done to all involved in organising and entertaining - had a great time!
Absolutely brilliant - well done Stu!

Kim Marangakis
Would just like to say thanks for organising a fun, FREE and fantastic day...
Thanks to all involved, we enjoyed it!

Lee Buckingham
Great afternoon & evening. Hat's off squire. Here's to 2017!

Rob Oakley [Bustin' Loose]
Great to be invited to play, fantastic day - Keep It Live !!!

Sam Avery
A great day out. Thank you to everyone involved in organising it, and those who gave up their time on the day.

Julie Sturges
Great event, lots of people, great atmosphere... Thank you to everyone involved in arranging!

Sian Harper
Brilliant event!

Hayley Jade Long
Absolutely amazing!

Simon Carter [Bustin' Loose]
Was a great day, thanks for inviting us to play!

Claire Allsopp
Was brilliant! Fabulous easy listening. (The Waterside Trio)

Nicola Parker
Fantastic. Loved the Dung Beatles!

Peter Brockwell
Thank you Stuart. Once again a huge success!

Anita Kempster
Great event - thanks very much!



Mayor Cllr Allison Harrison
Thank you to everyone involved with today - a brilliant day. Thanks Stuart for all your support x

David Simpson
Really good day at Aylesbury Live in the Park, big shout out to Stuart Robb, Aylesbury Town Council and everybody else who helped organise this event.

Nik Welch
Well done all of you! Smashed it! xxx

Andy Rotherham (The Synthetix)
Thanks for all your hard work. The Synthetix had a blast

Cllr Mark Willis
Top day, well done folks!

Claire Bignell (Fun4Kidz)
Brilliant Day, thanks for inviting us to share it with you!

Scott Ottaway (The Searchers)
Great day. Well done. Really enjoyed it!

Richard Mackinnon
We had a great time ...... Many thanks!

Rob Oakley (Bustin' Loose)
Thanks for inviting Bustin' Loose to play guys, loved it!! Bigger and better next year??

Robin Symons
Parklife concert in Aylesbury - an amazing open air free concert, many thanks to Stuart Robb and Aylesbury Town Council for a really great day.

Graham Howse
Great day- loved all the bands! Well done for all your hard work...

James Manders
Thank you for getting me involved. I really enjoyed playing.

Peter Brockwell
Another great day of local music. Thanks for your input Stuart.

Graham Iddon
There are just no words... so much fun!

Paul Adams
Thanks as always Stuart. Always love to be involved.

Ray Chappell
Awesome day, loads of fun!!!

Pam Harbour
Great day, you did an amazing job.

Janet Bishop
It was fantastic, well done! Such a great day!

Abbie Stansfield (Platform Soul)
Such professionalism throughout. Thank you also for inviting Platform Soul. We really enjoyed the event. Well done to all involved in the organisation. Xx

Rebecca Taylor
Went to this yesterday - thanks to all the organisers and bands, it was fab, and hope this event continues for years to come!!!



THANK YOU once again to EVERYONE involved in making Hobble On The Cobbles another great success and trouble-free festival once again!
Thanks to Aylesbury Town Council, ALL the amazing bands and performers, ALL the crew from Class Act & Taliesin Musicraft, Carrera Drums, St John Ambulance, Robinsons Removals, Grand Marquees, our great compères Dan Blasor & Dez Kay, ALL our volunteers, stewards, security, the traders, & pubs, the local press & media (BucksTV, The Bucks Herald, Mix96), ALL the photographers, and of course the fantastic Aylesbury Audience... Hope you enjoyed it... See you again next year...!!!
Stuart Robb

What a day, the whole town should be really proud of ourselves, yes yes YES to next year! Thanks a million Stuart Robb!
Cllr Mike Smith
Aylesbury Town Council

Just back from another great HOBBLE ON THE COBBLES, a Big thank you to Stuart Robb and his team for a well run day of excellent music!
Alan Jones

We've played some great events since we started, but Hobble on the Cobbles 2014 definitely just took top of the list by storm! Everything was incredibly smooth and well organised, all the way from the initial contact to the end of the day. The sound was fantastic on and off stage, and the weather was great, I don't know how you did it!
Alex Chadwick
Callow Saints

HOTC is one of the best organised festivals I've played at. The sound was 100% crystal clear, the staff were all very helpful and the audience was incredible. It was a pleasure to play from start to finish, a shame we have to wait a year till the next one.
Johnny Lucas

Great day, awesome atmosphere, stupendous acts!
Jimmy Evans

As ever it was our absolute pleasure to play the event. The busiest I have seen. It gives so many bands the chance to really showcase what they do on big ultra professionally run stages with great sound. I know I recorded it It's great seeing the council do something so worthwhile and to bring the community together through excellent live music We'd love to be included in the bill next year and every year
Dan Turner

Hi Stu, thank you for giving me the opportunity of being part of HOTC 2014, what a brilliant day for Aylesbury and it's all free, and as I said yesterday without your help and vision this day would not be possible, and it was a real pleasure to be part of such a great team. I have seen and had so many positive comments about yesterday which makes all of the hard work worthwhile. Great to see you again yesterday.
Dez Kay

To us, HOTC is an awe inspiring event allowing the amalgamation of differing social pockets to be initiated through the power of great music, an engaging atmosphere and people with faces full of smiles. We were blown away by the professionalism of the event, staff and other bands that graced the stages, not to mention the distinctive and evident sense of community achieved by the whole town centre as every shop, bar and restaurant played their part. One of our best gigs to date, proud and thankful to have been a part of it.'
Ashley Deane
Without Reason

It was a great event, we really enjoyed playing it, thanks for having us!

Dear Stuart On behalf of The Dung Beatles, thank you so much for inviting us along to play at HOTC 2014. It was most definitely our best outdoor gig this year. The stage crew and sound team were excellent, there was a big and enthusiastic crowd and, I'm very pleased to say, we got loads of great feedback, so happy days all round! Judging by the queues at the Kings Head it would appear that Aylesbury town centre's businesses also did very well! I stayed on to see a few other bands in Market Square and really enjoyed being part of the big, happy (and peaceful) gathering. The whole event appeared to run very smoothly so, all in all, a great tribute to yourself as organiser and the associated Aylesbury authorities.
Phil Toler
The Dung Beatles

Thanks for inviting us to be a part of such a brilliant event. We were completely blown away by the gig. Everyone in the band agreed it was the best gig we'd ever played. From the day we received our invite to HOTC the organisation was professional and informative. On the day, we found the organisers helpful and welcoming, the sound crew willing to go the extra mile to get stage and front of house sound perfect, the lighting and stage area were as a big festival should be; well equipped and capacious. To cap it all the event attracted a terrific crowd whose reaction buoyed Skasouls UK to their most energetic best.
Skasouls UK

Thank you for inviting us. We had a fabulous time, the organisation was superb and the crew amazing!!! HOTC was once again a great event for everyone to enjoy, artists and fans alike.

A big thank you first to Aylesbury Town Council for organising the event along with Stuart Robb, making yet another LIVE MUSIC success... thank you for supporting LIVE MUSIC by turning up and enjoying yourselves, as without you we are all nothing...
Dave Carrera
Carrera Drums

On behalf of DCE (DreamChaser Entertainment) I would like to thank Stuart Robb and Aylesbury Town Council for providing us with a huge platform for local artists... Great day again, thanks for all the support!
Paul Adams
DreamChaser Entertainment

Great day yesterday, many thanks Stuart!
Robin Symons

Nice to see lots of familiar faces in town yesterday at Hobble On The Cobbles! Huge shout to Stuart Robb for making it happen!.
Steven Blunden

Well done Stu, great day!
Rob Oakley

Well done Stuart, great day!!
Amy Harms
The Rockwood

It was a great afternoon & what talent little Jack has. As did Johnny Lucas, he was amazing, very clever and sounded great. Thanks Stuart!
Heather Taylor

Thanks Stuart, loved it!
Daniel Campbell

Great day mate!
Anthony O'Sullivan

Great day!
Steve Cook

A great event Stuart. Thank you. I particularly enjoyed Goldheart Assembly.
Sue Greensmith



Another really memorable day of what Aylesbury does best - brilliant music of the highest quality in a massive range of genres, thanks a million to Stuart Robb, Aylesbury Town Council and all the bands and backroom staff who made the town rock on Sunday!
Cllr Mike Smith

Congrats on a job well done, Stuart and team - a truly fab day!
Dave Gregory (Tin Spirits)

Best organised event like this I've ever been to, please come and do the same thing in Swindon. ;)
Dan (Tin Spirits)

Amazing show at Hobble On The Cobbles, hope everyone who was there enjoyed it. Some truly great bands/artists on before us.
Scott Ottaway (The Searchers)

A fantastic event. Well done to Stuart and the team. You all should be proud of yourselves for bringing Aylesbury together like that. Bring on 2014!
Terry Lee

Thanks to Stuart Robb for getting it together. Fantastic that he puts in so much effort to make these events happen.
Robin Boult

#HOTC2013 was indeed a marvellous affair. Thanks to Stuart and all his hard work.
John Dexter Jones (Jump)

Loved the show in Aylesbury yesterday...'Oh what fun we had'...despite the weather. Lovely to see so many friends and hear such great music ... - it was almost like we had our own party... thanks as usual to Rob, Steve, Steve and Frosty for making the JYB the bundle of fun it always is :-) and big thank you to Stuart Robb.
John Young

A massive thank you too everyone that joined us (Palahniuk) at Hobble On The Cobbles yesterday a massive thank you to Stuart Robb for putting the show together it was amazing! So thank you thank you thank you!
Chris Ralph (Palahniuk)

Just got back home after another excellent Hobble on the Cobbles in Aylesbury, It was very well organised again, Well done and thank you Stuart Robb & his team!
Alan Jones

Well done Stuart Robb, another great event, so sorry the rain prevailed but good to see lots of people in the town centre enjoying the music!
Claire Taylor

Awesome day, was great to be invited to compere in Kingsbury Square!! Great crowd, great bands, great crew, hope I get invited back next year!! :-)
Andy Holmes

Big thanks to the lovely people at Hobble on the Cobbles today. What a great atmosphere. And well done to Stuart Robb for organising such a great event!
Tin Spirits

A brilliant day at Hobble On The Cobbles. Big thank you to Stuart Robb for making it all happen!
Rob Crossland

Awesome time playing Hobble On The Cobbles. Thanks to everyone for coming and to Stuart Robb for having us. Rock!"
Dan Turner (NBS)

Brilliant day. Thank you to everybody!
Matthew Doherty

Thank you for a great day and a great line up!
Steve Cook

Thanks Stuart Robb for putting on a great show. Very good turn out, and fun had by all. Thanks again for all your hard work.
John Parish

Thank you very much for what was a great day’s entertainment. It did Aylesbury proud.
Matthew Doherty

Very well done Stuart!
Charlie Trott (Vale-Life Magazine)

Great job team. A completely packed day.
Keith Ballard

Congrats on a great day Stuart!
Mike Payne

You did a great job Stu x
Laura Woodland

The Searchers in #Aylesbury town centre this evening were an excellent end to #HobbleOnTheCobbles
Kevin Hardern



It was awesome, and I am very pleased the Town Council has been able to maintain the funding for this brilliant event!!!
Cllr Mike Smith.

On behalf of Skasouls UK I'd just like to convey our thanks to you for inviting us to perform at the festival weekender! We were really glad to be able to play and I enjoyed being behind a set of Carrera drums once again. The sound was the best we've had, the stage monitor environment was a perfect balance and the site layout couldn't have been better. A real day out for the family and music fans alike, you've worked a blinder and I hope Sunday goes just a smoothly as today!
Matt Manning (Skasouls UK)

Was fun today Stu, thanks for inviting us. You did a great job!
Mark Guest (Dumb Angel)

Thanks for having us Stuart, we had a great time! x
Katie Buckhaven

The bar was raised to an all time high... :)
Ian Moss

Saw SkaSoulsUK yesterday. They were awesome! Good work on the festival Stuart!
Faye Law

Thanks to everyone from The Synthetix – It was an honour and pleasure to play for you!
The Synthetix

Thanks to everyone involved for our great slot at the Aylesbury Festival yesterday afternoon. "The Stylettes" had a great time in the sun. Hope to do it all again sometime!
The Stylettes

We (The Stylettes) thought it was a really well organised and well run day. The sound-guys were excellent too - they did a really good job. The band really enjoyed themselves and had a good time - and we might have got a booking out of it too! Thanks for organising it all.
Ben (The Stylettes)

All credit to you Stu, and be proud mate, you deserve to be!
Dave Carrera (Carrera Drums)



Hi Stuart, the only way to describe the entire event was fantastic! it was so well organised and very professional. Having the two separate stages really helped everything run on time. Normally changeovers and people setting up can be time consuming and detract an audiences interest, but having the two stages meant while one act was playing, another would be setting up so there was no gap between each artist. This worked for the whole day and everything ran smoothly. I think the line up was really well put together as well. There was something for everyone and a large mix of genres being played which kept it interesting throughout the day. You can tell from all the positive feedback and the audience's reaction during the day that the event was a huge success and I think that is entirely down to everyone involved in the planning, organisation and staging of the event. It was a real pleasure to be involved as an artist and look forward to being involved in something similar in the future.
Ross Daniel

Nice one Stuart, well done on a very well run event.
Bob Shiels

Great afternoons music (once again). Thanks for organising it mate (and to everyone involved)!
Peter Brockwell

It was really good to perform at the hobbles and the cobbles..!
Tayong TYN

I hugely enjoyed the hobble on the cobbles 2010.
William McLeod

Another great show! Excellent and well organised as usual Stuart! It has to be one of the best organised one day music festivals around!
Alan Jones

Great afternoon from start to finish Stu, Well done to you and all the crew who organised the event. Despite being in a recession and having some sponsors pull out, you still managed to put on a good show… There was something to enjoy from every band. I don't normally like rap-style stuff, but Tayong was a pleasant surprise with a good mix of rhythms and a great female vocalist (and of course a special mention to my old mates Pete on drums and Joel on sax!) Red Bullets did a very polished and entertaining set, but I'm afraid their style just doesn't appeal to me. Good luck to all the musicians for the future! It's a shame that some local pubs are actively campaigning AGAINST HoTC. I hope nobody listens to their negativity and that the event continues in its present form for many years to come.
Keith Ballard

It was a grand day! Really good that we got a chance to play back in the ‘shire, so thanks for that. It was also lovely my Grandma was able to see us - probably the only chance she will likely get, as she's in a wheelchair now. Bit tricky trundling up to London!!! On behalf of all the 'We Used To Make Things', super thanks..!!!
We Used To Make Things

Thanks Stu for letting us play hobbles; loved it…
Tayong & The Maintrees

Had a brilliant was great x
Claire Lambert

Awesome Stuart, great job as usual man, thanks for bringing the music home.
Charlie Wood

You must get the council to allow drinking in the square. It's very simple to enforce: if a pub wants to open between 11 & 7 ALL alcohol MUST be served in plastic containers. It really is that simple..!! Today had a great atmosphere and great music.
Lee Buckingham

Fab day. All the bands were excellent. X
Deborah Dewis

I was worried at one point that rain would stop play, but out the sun came, and brought everyone with it.
Jeanette McFadden

Enjoyed what I saw of the day Stuart - Red Bullets were excellent; good sound - well done to all.
Steve Hillier

Very well organised Stu…!
Laura Woodland

Fantastic day Stu! Thanks for making it happen again. X
Kirstie O’Sullivan

Tayong and the Maintrees, are a lovely blend of sounds, urban hip hop with a jazz edge. I had a family party to go to but popped out specially to see these guys.
April Wood Blacher


Stuart, may I say Groov8 thoroughly enjoyed the gig - thanks to you and the crew for such a well-run set-up - it's thanks to events like this that local original music gets some much needed oxygen...nice one!!! - I especially liked ‘Pearl Handled Revolver’..."
Steve Hillier – Groov8

I really enjoyed playing the Aylesbury Festival. It was very well organised, ran to time and had a professional sound team. Nothing like being able to hear yourself on stage as the singer of a rock band - made a huge difference. Many thanks!
Karen Conway - Thinking For Tuesday

Thank YOU Stuart, and the excellent stage/sound crews you assembled for this festival. Fantastic time had by all on both Saturday and Sunday.
Barnaby Booth – Thinking For Tuesday

Hey man - had a top day at the festival.
Paul Tyson

Thanks for Sunday Stuart, we had an amazing time playing the Aylesbury festival. Everyone who came has said they all really enjoyed the day, the sound was amazing and the people were amazing… Thank you again!
Chris Andy and Johnny - Palahniuk


The Original Sinners absolutely loved headlining the last local rock show. The event was organised and promoted perfectly. A huge crowd saw all the bands perform in the most professional way, backed up with great sound systems and lighting. The gig went like clockwork and we were honoured to be asked to headline it. Thanks to the fans of all the bands for supporting what was certainly our favourite gig to date.
Thanks Stu, top job as ever!
All the Best,
Dan Turner - lead guitar
(The Original Sinners)

What a fantastic night, my partner and I were singing and dancing.... what a great gig! - brought back so many happy memories and I was glad to share it with a loved one. Hope there will be many more. Thank you for such a fab night.
Yvonne Cuthbertson

Fantastic night..!
Deborah Dewis

Stuart, a BIG well done for a job well done - everything seemed to run as if it was on rails!!! Loads of smiley happy people, and that’s what it's all about!
Dean Cowell
(Lost Minute)

We'll remember this gig for years to come, and congrats again on a perfectly executed evening.
(Tramp Etiquette)

Fantastic night Stu. All the bands were amazing!! Well done for making it all happen xxx
Kirstie O’Sullivan

A brilliant evening, can't believe how smoothly it all went - thanks to everyone!
Judy Pearce

Stu, thanks for putting us on - had a great night. From the minute we turned up the show ran like clockwork. Top man!!!
Jon Dickinson

It was great Stu... Looking forward to ‘Hobble’ already!!! x x
Jacqueline Newton

An amazing night! Me and the KKBB boys had a fantastic time! Thank u so much for organising such a historic and iconic event and for letting us be a part of it! Much love!
Ian Rees
(Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

Thanks Stu, a fantastic night - what a nostalgia trip! :-)
Mike Payne

Thanks Stuart for giving Alight a great stage to end their journey as a band.... It was a top (and emotional) night!
Adrienne Aitken

Last Local Rock Show Was Amazing :) Well Done!
James Rosier

Hey Stu, honestly dude, you did such an epic job! All bands were killer and you should be so proud! Was great to meet you finally - I look forward to any future gigs with Lost Minute. Thoroughly enjoyed playing.
Adam Green
(Lost Minute)

TR8R and myself really appreciated the chance to perform at such a great event, well done to you and all involved!
Gary Bull

Thank you for having us Stuart! We were all really chuffed to be involved! The memory of the Civic Center will live forever in our minds! :-) xx
Joe Payne
(Tramp Etiquette)

Thank you for such a great night....
Richard Pulley

Great night, you guys rock!
Adam Huxley

Awesome nite man, proud to be a part of it…!
Ray Chappell

On behalf of Kajagoogoo I would like to say a big thanks for having us at 'Hobbles On The Cobbles' this year and hope our involvement was beneficial to the event and the audience enjoyed our performance…
We did enjoy being involved with a local event and sincerely hope 'HOTC' continues to grow…
Limahl & Kajagoogoo

The Roofraisers had a ball… It was great to be able to bring our genre of music to a mainstream audience and even better that we got such a great response from the crowd. Even the teenagers were up bopping to some good old fashioned rock'n'roll right there in Kingsbury. The stage and sound crew did an excellent job so a big thank you from us to them. We'd love to be able to come back and play again next year. Well done to all concerned.
Nick Dadd – (The Roofraisers)

Thanks for organising a great day on Sunday. We all enjoyed it, as I’m sure everyone else did. Saw lots of good bands, met lots of old friends, and the sun shone yet again! Just wanted to thank you and everyone else involved. All the best.
Dave – (Maximum Feedback)

I would just like to say a very big THANKYOU on behalf of TR8R for inviting us to play at Hobble On The Cobbles. It was the first time I personally had attended this remarkable event and I must say how impressed I was with the way it was organised.
As a sound engineer / manager I am the first to appreciate the difficulties in arranging an event such as this, but it was obvious from the start that you had everything well in hand. It is so rare to be able to attend a FREE music festival that has been so superbly put together and the costs involved in doing this must be more than significant.
I found the staff all willing to help in any way they could and more to the point they all did it with a smile on their faces, top marks! The tech crew were amazing too, they went out of their way to get us parked up and unloaded efficiently and the same in reverse when TR8R had finished their set, again top marks!
After the event, (and unfortunately we had to leave early due to other commitments), I listened to TR8R talking amongst themselves; they were truly buzzing, they were led off at one point to have some pics taken and then after their set were interviewed by Bucks TV making them feel like true stars for the day. All of this is so important for a band of such young people and gives them a true taste of things to come. I sincerely hope that you will give us the opportunity to come and play for you again and the answer will be "YES WE'D LOVE TO"!
Many Thanks,
Gary (KMD)

Another great day for Aylesbury, Great Weather, Good Music, and most importantly LOADS of people enjoying themselves with no trouble, you should all be proud of the results of your hard work, congratulations...Now for next year!
Cllr Mark Willis

Hey Stuart,
Thanks so much for having me play, was so much fun!!
…And got such a great response via email afterwards. Thanks!
Pippa Drysdale x

Well, what a good crowd you had on Sunday. Did not get near enough to you to say 'Hi' because of all the people! Good move to shift it away from the Bank Holiday weekend, and the weather was great. Well done.
Mike Trotman

Hey Stuart, Congratulations to you guys for putting on a great festival! Appreciate all the RH plugs! Catch up soon!
David Hall (Rockhopper)

The weather was great! The music was great! What more can you ask for?
I had a brilliant time and I can't wait for next year!
Michael Lee

Lovely Job!!!
John Dexter Jones

Hi Stu and Den
Thanks for Sunday, I thought the whole day was a great success, the sound was perfect and even the sun was shinning!
We would love to play next year and if poss later in the day! We had some great feedback from the crowd.
You done, a grand job well done!
Mike Carroll (Groov8)

Stuart, what an excellent day - first-rate organisation, excellent sound on and off stage, and all seemingly seamlessly choreographed. Anyone would think you'd done this before!
Great job by the sound crew on the main stage - best on-stage mix I've had in years...
Thanks to you and the team.
Steve Hillier
Guitarist in 'Mike Carroll's Groov8'

Loved it!!!
Steve Redfearn (Rockhopper)

Hobble on the Cobbles 2009 – Thanks Stu and the team for co-ordinating and pulling off another fantastic day. The sound, as always with those guys, was great and I know they had a long night and day getting it all set up. Thanks also for dealing with our merchandise, this is always a problem at these events because it is hard to find somewhere for people to go for CD’s and T-shirts, and then someone to sell them. The team did a great job and we really appreciate the help.
We love playing at Hobbles and working with you guys at Aylesbury Showcase.
Thanks again.
Pete, The Red Bullets

What a brilliant day, great weather, bands, atmosphere - here's to the next one!!!!!
Judy Pearce

Everyone had such a great time !!! Well done to you all - somehow they just keep getting better :-)
Kirstie James

Yes I agree, was the best yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Was lovely to look around and see everyone just thoroughly enjoying the beautiful sunshine, foot tapping grooves, and the happy-clappy atmosphere...was a fun trip down memory lane as well. thanks."
Bernadette Duggan

Another great day. Thanks, glad to be part of it. Best yet!!!
Mark Varney

Had a great day Sunday - looking forward to next year already :)
Victoria Burton

Thanks so much for inviting The Original Sinners to play Hobble on the Cobbles. The organisation was slick and smooth, the sound crew excellent and you had really covered all the bases on the set up side. As for the performance side of things, the audience was huge and brilliant; we had such a warm welcome and were so pleased to be part of it. We’d love to be invited to play again next year. Thanks again to you and all the sound and stage crew, a great day.
Dan - The Original Sinners

On behalf of TR8R and indeed myself I would like to congratulate you on an excellent event, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and I can't thank you enough for giving TR8R the opportunity to play on the main stage
Gary Bull

Had a fab day! Cheers for all your hard work!!!
Adrienne Aiken

It was great, The wife and I loved every minute of it, and so did our friend. I hope it continues for a long time, as it was one of the best Sunday’s I've had in a long time.. And thanks to every one who made it possible...Keep it going - Please.....!!!
Randal Cheney

HOTC has to be one of the best organised one-day festivals. Some very good performers, and surprisingly Kajagoogoo were very good!
Alan Jones

‘You’re, too shy shy hush hush eye to eye’ a modern classic – it’s up there with anything the Beatles wrote! I went to the same school as them!
Troy Morgan

Had a great time!
David Saw

It was a great day!
Michaela Durham

Top event Stuart. Great line up, great sound, great weather…!
Lee Buckingham

Thanks for Organising!
Ian Buxton

Excellent day, really really really great!
April Blacher

Great day yesterday mate. Great bands and atmosphere!
Scott Ottaway

Had a great time at Hobble on the Cobbles!
Allan Burls

Excellent afternoon/evening Stuart, thank you. Can't wait for next year!
Claire Taylor

I had a really great day cheers mate!
Ian Moore

Another great day @ Hobbles 2009. Well done Stuart (and all your little helpers). Original Sinners were ROCKIN' and a great set from JDJ & The Steven Twins… And the best thing of all - OH WHAT A CROWD!!!
Peter Brockwell

Fantastic day!
Lynzi Gordon

Was a great day, and today a great hangover!
Justin Newitt

Awesome show! Had a great time!

It was such a great day!

Big thanks to Stuart and all at Aylesbury Showcase - superb HOTC!
Neale Wareham

Great Day!
Matthew Doherty

…back from Kingsbury Festival in Aylesbury, loved it!!!
Moira Wicks

Hi Stuart,
Thank you for inviting us and putting on such a wonderful show yesterday.
We were very impressed with the sound quality and professionalism of the event. Usually these sorts of events can be quite poorly engineered but you did a great job! Thanks again for your support and giving us the opportunity to be exposed to new fans, friends and supporters. Please thank all those involved on our behalf.
We all enjoyed ourselves and would very much like to hear/see the video footage of the performance when it is ready. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Fond Regards,
Tim (Civilized Tears)

Well done Stu, a great event. Sorry I dashed off - but I thought it was super, Cheers!
Craig and the AGS Funktion Band

Great weekend, I feel really proud that we have had 2 days of good music no trouble and the talent in the area has been shown to the town.
Congratulations to all involved...Now for the Hobble!
Cllr Mark Willis

Very good…
Peter Tarbuck

It was great. The Rockhopper gang really enjoyed it. Well done, Stu and many thanks!
Steve Redfearn – Rockhopper Studios

Just got back from an afternoon of music in Aylesbury's Kingsbury Square and just wanted to say what a fantastic hour that InDefinately put on. They just get better and better. Brilliant!!!

Thank you Stuart for letting us be the entertainment for the Aylesbury Aftershow Party!
Good to see the crowd get up and get down :-) LT & the Guys!
Lisa Theunissen Band

We had a fantastic time at this year's HOTC. It was great to be there, and to open the Kingsbury stage.
Our warmest thanks go out to "Charlie Don't Surf" for the use of Drums, and to the sound engineer, who can of course "make or break" a performance. (It sounded fabulous). We were very honoured to take part, so thank you for the invite, and hope we are included in the line up for next year. Last but not least, thank you to all those who supported us, the clapping and cheering in the Square really lifted our show, so if you thought we were good; it was down to you. x
P.S. the standard of the bands at Kingsbury was awesome - well done to all, Abakus, Brahmas, and Charlie. Great to play on the same bill.
The Observers (Paul)

Thanks to all the construction, electrical and sound crews who put their efforts into the day. Well done Stuart and all you lot at Aylesbury Showcase for organising everything (and even taking the time to print me out a timetable, which was extremely useful). And, of course, thanks to all the bands. I may not have seen you all, due to the large spectrum of music in the world, I may not have liked all of you, but I do respect your efforts and your hard work.
Overall, it was a fantastic day. - I walked home, and realised as I left the noise of the town centre, that my ears were whistling quite loudly! I got home about 22:10, shut the door on the world, and Aylesbury's best day of the year was over!
Keith Ballard

Once again the Hobble on the Cobbles brought a carnival atmosphere to the Aylesbury Town Centre, throughout the town music lovers of all ages were enjoying the fine mix of free music on offer, the event has firmly established itself as a 21st century musical institution in Aylesbury. Congratulations once again on a very well organised event.
Ian Barham - Buckinghamshire Manager for the 2012 Games

Very enjoyable! We were also able to get some people to sign up to our ‘Join Our Team’ initiative, - in fact, we found enough extra votes to guarantee us at least £1,000. Thank you for your support!
Paul Rushton – WheelPower

Hi Stu, Hobble on the Cobbles 2008 exceeded all of our expectations; it was an absolutely fantastic day and we really enjoyed performing. Everything from the moment we arrived (our van being escorted through the crowd because we came in the wrong way!) was planned and executed with absolute precision.
Your sound and stage crew were great and we have had so much positive feedback about the mix so well done to those guys and girls.
Thanks for having us play, and we would like to be first to sign up for next year!!!
See you soon,
The Red Bullets (Pete)

Pure incredible!
By the way, that ball was mine! I got it signed by EATHR.
Well chuffed!!!
Ricardo Williamo Roberto Sharp

HotRods Brilliant…! Best Hobble yet!
Graham Simmonds

Hey fellas, well done today!
Three great years. A Hat-Trick of top poptastic action!
Loz Jones

I'd like to thank Stuart and Dennis for asking EventGuard to be the security provider to Hobble on the Cobbles 2008. We are delighted to be involved with what has been mentioned as 'the most successful year yet' and are proud to have been part of the team that helped achieve that.

The team we provided are very experienced and have many years of knowledge between them in Event Security. Not a single incident was reported which is a reflection upon the organisers and the foundations that they have put in place over the years. I would also like to thank the Aylesbury Showcase team for looking after our guys and hope to see you again next year at the Hobble on the Cobbles 2009.Nigel Briggs, EventGuard General Manager

Congratulations Stuart - Another Year, another Great Event, Best regards

Thanks so much for having us - we had a great time. Fab stage and a great crowd, see you soon Aylesbury!
Slashed Seat Affair (Ellie)

Hi Stuart. Thank you for having us perform at the HOTC. We really enjoyed ourselves!
The Brahmas (Denzle)

Hi Stuart, we in AbaKus would like to add to the list of positive comments about the fantastic day you and you team organised to promote live music in Aylesbury via the Hobbles On The Cobbles 2008.

As for us in AbaKus, we really enjoyed our, (what ended up as), 40 minute set on the Kingsbury stage. Your Guys and Gal were really professional and what a brilliant sound they helped us create.

The crowd enjoyed themselves and so did we!

If the invite comes for HOTC 2009 please include us.

All the very best and once again many thanks!
AbaKus (Dave)

THANKS FROM NAVARO for inviting us to play at yesterday's Hobble On The Cobbles. The organisation/promotion/setting and sound were perfect and you even managed to get the Sun God to smile! Well done!
Beth, Steve and Pete x

I had an absolutely brilliant day at HOTC yesterday. It must have taken a hell of a lot of organising so thanks for all of the effort. The bands were brilliant. Long live Hobble On The Cobbles!!! I'm looking forward to next year. :)
Nikki Hoath

Aylesbury rocked out on the Cobbles!!!
Great organisation, fantastic hospitality, superb entertainment.
Brilliant people who un-self-consciously get down and enjoy the music.
A great day with great memories..
Thanks Aylesbury for having us!!!!!!
The Heathers

Hobble on the Cobbles 2008 was the best yet! I particularly enjoyed The Red Bullets... the sun came out, the atmosphere was great and the whole event was really well organised.... Looking forward to next year already!
Deborah Dewis

Thanks so much for doing all you’re doing for music in and around Aylesbury!!!
Keep up the good work, and hope to see you soon at an event in the near future!!
Steven, (JUMP/Holly Petrie)

Great day everyone! Had a wonderful time!
April Gooding Barr

For me, the true highlight was how you put it all together! So many congratulations to you.
I speak on behalf of Kelly as well when I say we had an amazing time. It was an absolute blast from beginning to end; the diversity and quality of the acts was truly amazing. Eddie and the Hotrods completely blew me away. We’re looking forward to Hobble 2009!!
Terry Lee (

First of all THANK YOU for all your effort and perseverance in putting it all together...

Well the day started grey, drizzling, raining, cloudy then slowly the clouds lifted, the rain stopped and the sun started to push its way through the clouds. We knew the sun would shine down on Aylesbury, it has never rained at a Hobble on the Cobbles. By the time the bands took to the stage the sun was beating down, spirits were high and the audience and performers were in for a dazzling day of music, fun and laughter. The laughter mainly provided by Richard Carr as MC of the day. Everything ran seamlessly and there were no major problems, apart, of course from Pete Edwards of The Red Bullets managing to lose his microphone - afterwards he said "oh well we need to sort out an instrumental".

The show was closed with Eddie and the Hot Rods returning to the Aylesbury Stage after a lapse of 30 years.

All in all a fantastic day and many thanks to all those people involved in running, setting up, taking down the day, I am sure they are all taking a well earned rest today!

Jude x

Big thanks to you for putting up with all my mischief yesterday :-)
Well done on the slick organisation and sound – it’s always a pleasure, as you are such a great team!
Lisa Theunissen (Aylesbury Festival 08)

Just a quick e-mail to say a million thanks for the wonderful music and entertainment at the weekend.
Judy & Rick (Aylesbury Festival 08)

Just to say that from my/our angle, the event on Saturday was a great success. Thanks for involving us!
And thanks to Bob for excellent sound control.
Craig Nathan - (on behalf of the Aylesbury Grammar School Funktion Band (Aylesbury Festival 08)

LETTER OF THANKS from Booker Park Community School. Click HERE to View.

"Just to say I had a fantastic time in Aylesbury this weekend. I thought the gig was really good all round despite us not having had time to rehearse or play together since Loreley in July. Thanks to all of you who made it down and I hope you had as much fun as we all did this weekend, special thanks to the Marillo crew and of course Mark, Steve, Ian and Pete for being great mates and good sports! That was one we will remember for a long time!"
FISH - August 2007

Aylesbury has always been a crucible for talent for as long as I can remember and it's wonderful to have a celebration of this talent in the Market Square again for all to see. Having played so many small European festivals arranged and held in towns I think it's a tremendous idea and about time that this ethic spread in the UK and takes music out to communities and brings them closer together. Well done guys!
FISH - July 2007

Excellent Day!
It was the best-organised event I have been to, thank you to all concerned!
I have put a video of Fish & friends? Performing Market Square Heroes on YouTube..
Best wishes…………..Al

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Hobble on the Cobbles event yesterday - a great chance to see some local bands and a really friendly atmosphere all round. Hope to be there again next year!
Ian Buxton

Never in the field of Free Music Festivals has so much been achieved for so many by so few!
What an amazing day! Hours of non stop music from some of the best talent in the area. From the first band to the last, I had a fantastic time and to be involved again was just the icing on the cake. Thanks to Stu and Den from Aylesbury Showcase for organising such a well run show (and for booking the sunshine) and thanks to the hundreds of Aylesbury people for turning out to support their local music scene.
Loz Jones

I thought it was fantastic...again. The whole thing felt extremely thorough and well organised.
Gary Mullins - Lightbox

Fish was joined for encores by a few familiar faces as follows:
Ian Mosley
Mark Kelly
Steve Rothery
Pete Trewavas

20 years since I last saw that line up. Excellent gig and an excellent surprise to end with!
Thanks to all for doing that, great to see for one more time!

Hi Stuart,
Thanks ever so much for asking us to play. We had a great time. The standard of music was very high and it was a real pleasure performing for
the people of Aylesbury. Thanks also to mix 96 for playing our song!
Al - Star Chamber

Fish. Marillion. Aylesbury. What more can I say? A dream come true indeed.
Fantastic people, pubs, food, and - of course - music!
You're all Heroes! Thank you!
Ken, Liverpool

Thank you very much for letting us (MICAWBER) be part of such an awe inspiring day. No one has the first idea about how much effort, expertise and sheer hard work goes into organising something like Hobble on the Cobbles especially when you guys made it look easy! Aylesbury is very lucky to have Jam Central Records making it happen for our local musicians through Aylesbury Showcase and entertaining the population – and it’s all free! All the bands were great and it was a real coup to get Fish to play and then Marillion turn up too! We also really enjoyed playing at the King’s Head the Saturday before the Hobble on the Cobbles. There was a great turn out and we had fine support from Tiny Fish and Loz Jones – no one noticed that it was raining and just kept dancing…
We really hope we can take part again next year.
All the best.

I was there Great gig!!
Great atmosphere, and loved hearing Incommunicado and Market Square Heroes!! Wouldn't have missed it for the world!!

It was an amazing day and everyone who was involved in the planning should be really pleased...
Leanne Watts

Awesome gig, Fish was having a ball. And the guys looked really pleased to be playing together.
Importantly Fish called 'them' Marillion not 'us' Marillion.

I was there when hell froze over.
Aylesbury Market Square 26/8/2007

Awesome business yesterday. We had a most excellent time.
Tristan Collett

Great festival yesterday, well done! See you at the next one!
Dij x

The whole day was great, Fish was on top form, and the encores were special. Glad I was there to see History in the making.
It was frankly, incredible!
A really great Fish gig on its own but the encore blew me away. So SO damn happy to have seen this and they sounded pretty damn good too!!!

Just back (well to Company Gloucester HQ) what a gig!
Gr8 day, weather, friends and of course Marillion joining Fish on stage for MSqH.
It was one of those moments not to have missed.
Thanks to all for a gr8 day!

Thank you, we really enjoyed ourselves and I personally thought it was a fantastic event which pulled the whole town together, and also brought the musicians together...
Richard Nadal - Domino Theory

Just got home after a cracker of a day.
Good music, great weather, great friends.
And for one night only, Marillion with Fish, was a great surprise.

Lads and lasses, this is a classic moment of history! The classic line-up playing their debut single in Aylesbury market square - perfect.

A massive thank you to you...!
It was slick, slick, slick – a lot of love and hard work went into yesterday – and I’m damn proud to be part of Hobbles on the Cobbles! From the wristbands, to the programmes, to the hands-on engineers always smiling and helping out wherever necessary...the amount of press and local support has gotta tell you something – that it rocks...well done :-)
Lotsa love and big up to the bands that played too...
Lisa Theunissen XXX

There is little that can be said about that. there they were once more.

Thoroughly enjoyed that, at least I can now say I've pogoed (briefly) in the Market Square to Market Square Heroes....
Don't think I've smiled so much in the last two months as I did for that 5 minutes last night.

What a great day. A fantastic set from Fish followed by me finally getting to see those five guys share a stage.
A dream fulfilled!

It was truly a great day! I am hoarse from singing and screaming! Brilliant

What a great afternoon / evening. We were already aware of the rumours of what was going to happen. Fish's set was great - he's still a scary bloke when you come face to face with him as he hops over the barrier into the crowd for a walkabout intro to Vigil! The "reunion" was definitely big silly grin time.
Also - much kudos to King Rat who played later in the King's Head courtyard. Saw them on the Marillion tour, glad we hung around for their set last night. Great to see Fish having a good chat with them afterwards, hope good fortune comes their way.
R + h

Hobble On The Cobbles was a festival held in the 70's in Aylesbury Market Square. Fish said yesterday that he always dreamed of playing a gig in the Market Square, but unfortunately Hobble On The Cobbles had ended by the time Marillion had formed.
When he got the chance to play in the new HOTC he obviously jumped at the chance. He asked the guys to play because it was 25 years since the song was recorded.
Major Kudos has got to go to Stuart of Jam Central Records for organising such a great event and allowing the nostalgic appearance to take place
Andy R

Just to say a huge THANKS for arranging Fish to play at Hobble on the Cobbles. It was fantastic!!! Good work! :) :)
Sarah & Matt

It was a great experience thoroughly enjoyed by the band. It was good to see such a variety of acts.
Take care and best of luck for the future.
Rasheed (Mister Who)

Well done to all those involved, an amazing day. Never knew Aylesbury had so much talent, something musical for all tastes and ages. Fish was
awesome but then again he always is. To bring Fish and Marillion back together again was every fans dream, a day I'll never forget.
Last year was great, this year fantastic, next year.... we wait and see...
Thanks guys.
Helen Doran

What a superb day we had today at Hobble on the Cobbles!!!! We met some great people and saw some fantastic bands playing great music, and the atmosphere was electric when Fish played his set, especially when the lads from marillion got up on stage and played Market Square Heroes!!!

Superb, brilliant, excellent and any other word you care to add that can describe how good it was, especially the wee surprise at the end.

Cracking day at Hobble On The Cobbles!

Hi Stu, Thank you for organising everything and making it such a great day, and especially for finding space for us to play at the after show party which couldn't have worked out better. We (King Rat) all had an amazing time, for me personally it was fantastic to play in front of Fish having been a fan of him and Marillion for many years, and great to chat to him afterwards. Everyone seemed to have a great day, and we were certainly well looked after; I was impressed by the professionalism of your organisation.
Matt - King Rat

Hi just wanted to thank you for Sunday, it was a great day with some brilliant music, and the finale was fantastic, not sure how you will top that next year lol :0)"

Absolutely fabulous wasn't it - I've got loads of mail saying how fantastic the whole thing was.
Thanks again - you did brilliantly!

The idea of me announcing John came out of a very long late night conversation I had with John and Robin Boult at the Edinburgh Festival 2 weeks before the Aylesbury gig. He suggested that I should announce him using exactly the same words that I used to announce him in 1978.

As you may know I always used to dress entirely in white at all Friars gigs so it made sense to do the same at this one.

The only difference is that in 1978 I used to have a good head of hair whereas now (like John) I am “thinning”. I even went to that very friendly fancy dress shop in Cambridge Street and bought a couple of wigs but they really did look ridiculous. I then tried that more upmarket Caribbean wig shop also in Cambridge street but even that looked unconvincing.

I thought the whole event was great. There were people there that I hadn’t seen for 25 years. I particularly appreciated all the slightly older Friars ladies that gave me somewhat drunken hugs (!?)
David Stopps

What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Great music, great people and a fabulous setting. Aylesbury should be proud that they can stage an event like this. Can we book the same weather for next year?
Dave Woodhall,
Heroes Publishing

It was great to come back to Aylesbury, meet old friends and see that nothing's really changed. It's still a hotbed of live music and the Showcase is now a part of that.
Ron Watts,

What a fantastic event!
I remember when we first performed and it was just a couple of small speakers on the edge of the square. Now it is the Square! Brilliant job, mate. Well organised, and the band really enjoyed themselves.
Chris Bradford - Cayo Blanco

Brilliant, well organised, a credit to you all.
..And hopefully another one next year!
Neale - Aylesbury

Thanks for arranging today!
I had a great day, and discovered some great new bands.
Andy - Aylesbury

We had an awesome time...!
If you do it again next year we would love to play. Thanks for putting us on.
Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved, from the sound guys to those who made the sandwiches... it really couldn't have been organised better!
Roy - Scouting for Girls

Excellent excellent show! A day I will always remember and I will be back next year Otway or not.
Thanks everyone!
Andy - Norwich

You put on a great event mate.... the town owes you one! ; )
Jon - Subrosa5

Stuart, Many congratulations on a fantastic day.
I came down to watch Otway with my 7 year old daughter and we both had a great time.
Oh, great choice for the final track to finish the whole day off....
David - Aylesbury

Aylesbury Today - review.......
I felt I just had to write to say what a fantastic and successful day it was in Aylesbury yesterday. Aylesbury Showcase did an amazing job, and I'm sure must have worked so hard and for so long to present something as excellent as this was.
This has really put Aylesbury back to where it belongs - a town known for its music !
I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't been to Aylesbury since the late 1970's/1980's, and it was better than I could have imagined - the town's local bands were brilliant, and of course, topping the day was the inimitable John Otway whose show was brilliant - Aylesbury should be so proud of their home grown talent !
John Otway has certainly put Aylesbury on the map once again, as I notice there has been an awful lot of publicity recently for his forthcoming world tour and Aylesbury is mentioned in every article.
An absolutely wonderful day - I met people that had come from as far afield as Yorkshire, Scotland, Midlands etc especially for the Bank Holiday Sunday event, and everyone was saying how glad they were they had come.
Thanks and congratulations to everyone in Aylesbury involved in this great event.
Patsy Andrews

Cheers - enjoyed the day, especially 'Messiah'!
Nigel - Sound Studio (Aylesbury)

Wow, what a great day for Aylesbury’s local music scene. The sun was shining, the bands were all fantastic and the crowd, well what can we say, an absolutely impressive turnout!! The Market Square was rockin’. A great big thanks to all who made it down. Here’s to next years!
The Powders

Just to say I hobbled on the cobbles last weekend and saw John Otway for the first time who was brilliant.
I've lived near Aylesbury for pretty much 27 yrs and previously have never really had anything positive to say about the place, but now I would like to say well done Jam Central, well done Aylesbury - long may hobble on the cobbles continue...

I came to "Hobble on the Cobbles" on Sunday and it was brilliant. I used to live in Aston Clinton and went to many many gigs at Friars. It was great to see Otway again and it was really excellent that live music was back in the Market Square.

“What a great day. Top performances all day by some top local talent, my personal favorites were GRK (great songs) Messiah (really tight band) and of course the legend that is Mr Otway. A lot of hard work goes into putting on an event like that and I know Stuart, Den and the team have worked tirelessly over the last few months. Not many towns or cities are lucky enough to have an Aylesbury Showcase or a Jam Central Records, dedicating themselves to promoting the music created in their local area with professionalism and class. Thank you and well done guys, same again next year please?”
Loz Jones

Hi Stu
You did a great job mate, cheers for giving me the chance to be part of it.

Well done for organising the Otway event, I thought it went very well.
Chris M France - Music Of Life

Hi Stuart,
Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the 'Hobble on the Cobbles' last Sunday. It was good to hear so many good quality local musicians, and I hope this becomes an annual event, and brings much needed live music
back to Aylesbury. On a personal note I know how much effort I have to put in to promoting my own gigs in Buckingham, so congratulations to you for organising such a big event which ran so smoothly. Well done.
Mike Trotman
Empty Room Promotions

Hey Stuart (and everyone at Jam Central),
On behalf of myself and the band (LIGHTBOX), I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic event!
"Hobble..." and the other Aylesbury Showcase events leading up to it were brilliantly organised, and I feel they did alot to encourage my band (and others) as well as the local music scene as a whole.
It was a privilege to be involved and I hope the future holds more of the same.
Be encouraged. Thanks again!! All the best,
Gary - Lightbox


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